Proudly serving our men and women in uniform.


S.L. Vancouver, WA

  "There is nothing awesome about having to take legal action against someone. Especially when you realize that you have to pay for it and deal with a lawyer. I've had experiences in the past dealing with consumer protection lawyers. And let's just say I wasn't impressed. When I first called Robert Mitchell about my case he was very attentive and empathetic. He made me feel like I was a person not a deadbeat consumer who couldn’t pay my bills. He made me realize the harassment I was receiving wasn't okay, and I didn't deserve to be treated that way. During the process he always updated me with what was going on and what to expect. I could tell he was very passionate about finding a solution for me, and not just looking for a paycheck. I will admit that I tend to ask a lot of questions. He always answered any questions or concerns I had in a timely matter. He highly exceeded my expectations. I refer him to anyone I know that has experienced the same consumer harassment I did. Thank you, Robert Mitchell."


"Saved my military security clearance! Mr. Mitchell was instrumental in getting my military clearance renewed! I had several accounts on my credit report that had been re-aged, misrepresented, or just plain incorrect. Mr. Mitchell represented me and filled in court that they were violating Washington State law. They all quickly settled! After a few weeks, my credit reports were 'clean' and I no longer lose sleep about my future! I can't express how much he helped, even on accounts that he didn't earn money on.... late on a Sunday night! For military members who need help, Mr. Mitchell is a Marine you can count on!"  


 Robert was key to getting everything lined up in my USERRA case, he is very informed and knowledgeable on procedural aspects and veterans laws. As he is a veteran, he understood the situation and was compassionate, and understanding. Robert’s demeanor makes it easy to communicate with him, and he explains things very well. I would recommend Mr. Mitchell to anyone looking for a positive outcome in their case. Robert worked very well with the team I had representing me, and used his tact to smooth things over when waves were made. In the end Mr. Mitchell and the team helped ensure I received the most favorable outcome. A++ Really a great guy and hard worker. You won’t be disappointed. Awesome job, Bob.



"Robert is a Genius. Robert is by far, hands down, one of the best attorneys in Oregon and Washington. You would be silly to choose a different attorney. He is a genius and helped both my wife and I in a time of need. When you choose Robert as your attorney, you are choosing the most knowledgeable, highly respected attorney in the consumer rights bar in Oregon and Washington. I consider Robert a good friend and would recommend him in a heartbeat."

S.B. Spokane, WA

"The most knowledgeable and amazing person...I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Robert's help. When I needed help with some collection agencies that were not willing to work with me he sorted everything out for me. I'm now in a better place because Robert is (an) amazing person who will always take care of his clients. "




BLUF: Seriously, if you have any credit issues, collections, mortgage problems, etc...especially if they are going to be taking you to court, threatening with auctions and all that government sponsored propaganda and indoctrination making you believe you actually have to pay back illegal, fake money, CALL ROBERT MITCHELL RIGHT NOW.

*drop the mic*

Hi. My name is Dustin. I am a real person. I really HAD a bunch of legal garbage sitting in my lap for many many years, while living right here in Spokane, WA. Then Robert Mitchell was placed in my life. Please enjoy this very short, pretty vague and really really sanitized version of my mortgage crisis that began in May 2008. I have no problems with anyone wanting to contact me to verify any part of this review. I could literally type a BOOK on this entire line of crap I had to deal with all due to a FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913 signed by Woodrow Wilson, but I digress...

When Bob was first introduced to my home mortgage situation (Jan 2012), I was an Active Duty USAF SERE Specialist, stationed out at Fairchild AFB, WA and I had just returned to my home after a 5-year absence (Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Korea). I didn't even know I still owned the property until Oct 2009 and it almost prevented a PCS to Korea in Dec that same year since I owed just over $133,000 plus a bunch of late fees (who knew !?!?!). Nevertheless, you may notice my review date, it's not a screen error. In a few days, Bob will have wrapped up our case that he could have easily walked away from dozens of times. After receiving a couple letters from a collection company "offering to clear my bad debt," Bob grew tired of watching another Serviceman struggle with the corrupt banking system and took over my situation with the tenacity like I was his only client. Of course, go to find out, this is how he handles all his cases and his office is a complete filing system by itself because he doesn't quit, BOTTOM LINE. Even when I threw up my hands and walked away, he kept at it and he's the one who said if I wanted to, he could easily file a counter-lawsuit. Who in the heck does that kind of up-front-in-your-face-business in Spokane? Well, he was true to his word and any day now, this case is forever settled and they will be paying us an additional $22,000. God Blessed Robert with an internal tenacity that lives inside every American citizen. If you want to get your life back, restore your credit, actually learn how the corrupt system works (enough to know!) and enjoy some good laughs, give Bob a call. After little more than 3 years, it's been a pleasure doing business with you and I'm proud to call you a friend of mine. Let the record show, the ONLY reason this case didn't go any longer was because I took one of the offers to let the house get auctioned (Jun 2013). This was not a normal home owner situation and he still had this case pretty much under control after 3 months. I wanted to walk away and forget it, but Bob wouldn't take this case lightly. "Well, when you're ready, I will file a counter-lawsuit on your behalf." After 5 minutes of his explanation to how this would even stick to a wall, I agreed and he started the process. The man doesn't quit. Case closed.

Thanks again Bob, God Bless You and God Bless all of your future customers."